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Keep your washing machine clean and prevent damage from loose pet hair by using the Petwear Wash-bag.


  • Wash Pet Clothing
  • Pet Bedding
  • Duvet Covers
  • Throws & Fleeces
  • Vetbed
  • Turtle Mats
  • Pet Towels
  • Soft Toys & Tugs
  • Collars & Harnesses

​Also available in Small and Large sizes.


The video features a Petwear Wash-Bag in Jumbo size.



the wash-bag acts like a filtration system for your washing machine.  It works by retaining all pet hair inside the bag during the wash cycle, whilst allowing a free flow of water through the bag to clean your items.

AFTER WASHING . . . any trapped pet hair can be easily shaken out of the bag, ready for re-use.

LEAVES YOUR MACHINE CLEAN . . . using the wash-bag leaves your washing machine completely clean and free from hair.

HELPS PREVENT BUCKLE DAMAGE . . . the wash-bag also prevents buckle damage to your machine when washing items such as collars and harnesses.

EASY TO USE . . . the wash-bag is very user friendly with a zip front closure and useful hanging loop.  When not in use, the wash-bag is handy for storing away your horse laundry until ready for washing.



Size:  Jumbo

Dimensions:  75 x 80 cm

Colours:  Green, Orange, Black


Q. What size bag do I need?
A. There are two sizes of Petwear Wash-bag (large and jumbo).

Large: Is for pet clothing, towels, fleece blankets, pet bed duvet covers, cage liners, toys, leads, harnesses and collars.

Jumbo: For the above plus thicker foam and quilted beds... please remember, if you pet bed won't already fit in your washing machine - it's too big to wash yourself and you will need it professionally cleaned.

Q. My washing machine has a standard 6kg drum, which wash-bag will I need?
A. Either the large or jumbo wash-bag are suitable for a 6kg drum.

Q. Can I wash more than one item together at the same time?
A. Yes you can put items together inside the bag or wash hair covered items in the bag and other items loose in the washing machine.  Do not overload, items need room to move around to wash correctly.

Q. What washing powder do I need?
A. It's fine to use your usual washing detergant, but for best results we recommend using a liquid detergant directly inside the bag.

Q. What temperature should I wash at?
A. Follow the manufactures washing instructions for the item being washed.  If not known wash at 40 degrees.  The maximum temperature we recommend is 60 degrees, although the Wash-bag has successfully been tested at a temperature of 90 degrees.

Q. Can I put the bag into my tumble dryer?
A. Yes, the wash-bag can either be tumble dried alone or with the items still inside.  Use the high heat setting.

Q. Muddy bedding, can I put it straight into the bag?
A. We recommend removing as much dirt and hair as possible from items before washing.  We also recommend that very dirty items be washed seperately.

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