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Use to cover girth buckles during a wash cycle, helping to prevent the buckles from damaging the washing machine drum.

Can be used in conjunction with the Horsewear Wash-bag or alone.


  • Provides padding
  • Reduces clanking noise
  • Elastic drawstring closure


Dimensions:  11 x 27 cm

Colour:  Black


Q. Can I get both ends of the girth inside the bag?
A. For a 3" width girth, both buckle ends can be placed together inside one Girth Buckle Bag.  For a 4" width girth, two bags are required, thats one for each buckle end.

Q. How does it work with my Horsewear Wash-bag?
A. The girth can be washed inside the wash-bag with the girth buckle wash-bag on the ends, this gives extra protection to the washing machine drum and reduces the clanking sound of the buckle ends.


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