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A versatile carry sack with a strong shoulder strap, drawstring opening and base emptying handle.  Use it for carrying, storing or keeping a car clean when transporting hay.


  • Making carrying a breeze!
  • Shower proof
  • Holds half a bale of hay or haylage
  • ​Machine Washable
  • Versatile! many other carrying uses



Dimensions:  90 x 70 cm

Colour:  Blue


Q. How much hay will fit inside the hay-carry?
A. The bag will fit half a bale of hay or one medium size hay net.

Q. Will hay stick to the bag?
A. No, the bag is made from smooth plastic type material which repels the hay.

Q. Can I leave the hay-carry bag outdoors?
A. Yes, the bag is shower proof, so you can leave it outside in the rain for short periods and your hay will be kept dry.

Q. Is the Hay-carry just for hay?
A. No, it can be used to carry, transport or store just about anything.

Q. Is the Hay-carry machine washable?
A. Yes, wash at 40 degrees.

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