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      > We recommend using a liquid gel detergent directly inside the bag. A liquid capsule or pod has the potential to be left partially undissolved if trapped within the laundry.

      > Always follow the temperature guide on the item you’re washing rather than the product you’re washing it in. Also, make sure an appropriate program is used - if the temperature is too low or the cycle too short, it won’t remove grass and poop stains.

      > Don’t overload the bag or washing machine, laundry needs to move around and rub against itself and detergent needs room to circulate. Don’t under load your machine either, the drum needs to be balanced. There should be enough in the load to fit all around the drum.

      > Bio v Non Bio biological detergent contains enzymes that are very effective at cleaning stains and work at lower temperatures or shorter wash cycles. Whilst non biological detergent is not as effective at low temperatures and requires longer wash cycles, it is a lesser irritant to the skin, research validated by the British Skin Foundation.

      > When washing white items, liquid detergents and colour friendly detergents don’t contain any bleaching agents, so whilst this is great for dark laundry and helps reduce colour fading, it won’t keep whites brilliantly white. Over time your whites will go greyish, so for white products use a detergent containing bleach.